Flat Broke Fly Fishing

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A Good Day

Some highlights from a great day of fishing with fellow Flat Broke angler Manning Paul. Enjoy!



I learned –

  1.  Just because there are tons of bugs around doesn’t mean that the fish will be coming up for them…
    What the hell is wrong with those fish?!?!
    What the hell is wrong with those fish?!?!




  2.  No matter how cool you think you are around snakes, when you fall directly onto an enormous unseen one while trying to navigate a rocky stream bank you may pee yourself a little due to fear.


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A Lesson on Practicing What I Preach

One of the things I tend to tell people at the shop when I’m helping them pick out flies is never, never, buy just one of any particular pattern. Inevitably if you have only one fly in a specific pattern that will be the fly of the day and you will lose it. It’s like a universal principle or something.

Like physics.

But without all the math.

So, I recently made a trip to a small pond that I know happens to be filled with little bass. The thing about these bass in this particular pond (most of you being the sort that fly fishes I’ll assume you are all incredibly intelligent individuals and can infer where this story is going, but I’m going to tell it anyway) can be extremely picky day-to-day about which fly they want. Usually it takes some experimenting before I can zero in on exactly what they’ll be willing to eat but when I do figure it out the action is pretty hot. Not heavy…

Pictured: Not Heavy
Pictured: Not Heavy

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Who Wants Some Free Flies?!?!


Meet DB Crabby. DB Crabby is a semi-realistic weedless crab fly that dives for the bottom at an angle just like a real crab. Once on the bottom DB Crabby sits in the fighting position, or as I like to call it the “come at me bro!” stance. (DB = douchebag. DB Crabby. Get it?)


On paper and in the testing tanks DB Crabby is pretty damn close to the perfect crab fly, but in true Flat Broke fashion none of the Flat Broke Fly Fishing crew can afford to take the trips necessary for real world testing of this fly.

So we are asking for volunteers to help us out.

First six people that comment below with the place and time that they would fish one of these flies, and who promise to post any catch they make with these one of these flies out on social media with shoutout to Flat Broke Fly Fishing gets two DB Crabbies to try out.

Come on, you’ve got nothing to lose!


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